If my life was a movie this is what would be included (five scenes):

1.My birth- entering the world as a new soul and making my parents into a mother and a father. Proud of a new baby girl.

2.Learning how to talk- I would never stop, though I had a slight speech impediment, it cleared up. Though I still never stopped talking!

3.My elementary years- some bumps along the way but overall great time spent meeting my first friends and growing.

4.My middle school years- low point of my life, few friends by eighth. Perfect grades throughout.

5.My freshman year- an overall success. I have enjoyed these months the most out of fifteen wonderful years of life. I have met BFFs (Best.Freiends.Forever, not, Boring.Forgie.Friends) and I even met my first boyfriend.(the love of my life!)

indeed a very happy ending!(or a brand new start)