Relationships are everyone who plays a part in your life. This can include everyone from friends to boyfriends to parents to teachers to even  enemies. Your life is influenced by all of the thousands of people you meet. Friends are there for support but are always changing. They help you through different journeys you may come across and give you advice on how to handle situations. Your parents are there for you no matter what. If you were twenty years old they would still love to hold you in their lap. Parents will forever take your side and give you everlasting confidence no one else can give. The one or two people in your life that you can act mean or insane in front of them and they will love you no matter what. Boyfriends are there for the moment in your life. You never want him to leave and you devote your life to him. You may go through some tough spots in this relationship but it is worth it to find a “true love”.(especially in my case) The last type of relationship is one every person in the world has and wishes they did not. An arch enemy. This is usually a person of the same sex as you and can vary from very similar to polar opposites. An enemy is always the one jealous of you. The most common enemy is jealous of your looks, grades, friends, or worse boyfriend. They will try to steel him away. Note to any girl who is going through this: destroy this girl. This is the lowest of the low and will take your guy right out from under you just to spite you.

so beware… and keep your ‘relationships’ safe!!!