December is one of my favorite month, I’m so excited *hell yeah* since Christmas is coming! Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas particularly, which happens to be the celebration of Jesus’ birth, I love to hear Christmas carols and Christmas celebration itself. Santa is my favorite character during Christmas. Why? Cos in my opinion, he is an icon of hope for everybody. Even most time I always know that Santa gives presents for children only. I’m not a child anymore, but I always believe in Santa. It’s not about the presents, socks, chimney, or reindeers, it’s all about Santa lightening hope in everyone’s heart.

Christmas is an event to meet and greet with your family, relatives, friends, neighbours, and even strangers. Everyone is urged to be home on Christmas day, to gather with the whole family members.

Here’s my Wishlist for Christmas. Most items are far-fetched dreams, some are just-no-ways,and  some are actions.

1.A tablet-pc (with MAC-OS in it… i’m damn crazy about this new tech,seriously! GATEWAY,TOSHIBA and FUJITSU are the BIG companies that retail in this stuff with BIG-PRICING.simply unafforable!)

2.A digital camera (I’ve  like a bazillion photo albums of Lucy,my pet taking baths in the sink from when she was 2.)

3.An iPad (This way I can write my online diary (blog)from anywhere!)

4.Furry slipper boots (Kind of like Uggs, but I’d wear them when I’m just chilling around the house.)

5.TONS of designer jeans(no reason,these are must-haves!)

6.A complete set of acrylic paint and other cool art supplies (So I can start working on the masterpiece that will make me rich and famous!!)