If I Were A Princess

I wish I were a princess,of a-ruling fairy tale land,

I wish I had a lovely crown,and Prince Charming sitting at my hand.

I wish I had fine sparkling jewels,and a lovely floor length gown,

So I could look my finest,and most beautiful all  year round.

I wish I had a castle,and a courtyard full of flowers,

doves, roses, frogs in ponds and vines in leafy bowers.

I wish I could make a difference, and have everybody love me,

it could happen anyday, you just wait and see!

I wish I could make everybody happy, not disheartened and sad,

but high-spirited and joyful, and feel forever glad.

I would punish the wrong, I would give the homeless homes,

I would fund all of the good causes, and fit the kind with thrones.

I would try my hardest to be fair, and strong in time of need,

So that if the time should come, they would all trust me to lead.

But I would tell them all, and then they’d forever know,

If I were a princess, with a crown upon my head,

And all the things I put above, were as exactly as I said,

Then you’d know, without a doubt, lovely though it may seem,

that all the things I thought above,

are nothing but a dream!