When most people ask me who’s the sweetheart of my life…I always have just one answer…my doggie Lucy! I have a lovely Finnishspitz(Kuwasz) named LUCY,

she was my 16th birthday present from one of my sis’s friend and, ever since then, she accompanies me wherever I go,She plays with me when i’m depressed, she comforts me when i’m lonely and she loves me endlessly. I have had a deep love for animals since childhood and animal welfare is also an issue that’s very close to my heart. I love spending my free time with her and cruelty to animals makes me very angry. I keep telling my friends to adopt strays and homeless puppies and kittens, and I wish I could somehow take them all home and take care of them. I think taking care of one’s pet is very important; I sometimes see people not treating their pets properly and that’s wrong. This is an investment one has to make and if you cannot give it your best then you shouldn’t buy a pet just for the sake of it!

Having a pet is a huge stress-buster and a pet provides company and comfort. I love taking my dog out in the terrace for walks; that also makes for great exercise. I feel a pet’s love is the most amazing thing one can have and it’s for life!

So here’s a little poem for my sweetheart….

A howl can mean many things, from happiness to sad.
She howls when alone and hurt or overall just mad.

You scold her when ahe acts this way, tells her that she’s bad.
But when you look deep in her eyes, you see that she’s just glad.

When your around, she can’t hold back, filled with so much joy.
You finally realize, she’s more than just a toy.

Cradled in your swaying arms, a tear falls to her nose.
You realize, right then and there, your the one she chose.

So think next time you scold your dog for all her calls and cries.
You’ll long to hear her once again, in time for last good bye’s.