Every time I start one, my Boyfriend does something so extremely asshole’ish that all fond thoughts goes away  immediately.

However, he is not over the phone with me right now so I guess the timing is about as perfect as it could be.  Absence makes the heart grow fonder etc.

People who knows us and our relationship often have  moans about my BF and I, that we aren’t made for each other, but they are very wrong.  Honestly I couldn’t have found someone more perfect for me… than him! He is my lid (i.e. lid as in ‘every pot has its lid’ – is that a local expression?), my very best friend, my partner, my lover, the gonna-be father of my children and my darling husband.

This doesn’t mean he doesn’t drive me nuts, he does! He is a stubborn, strict, sulky pain in the ass, but he is MY stubborn, strict, sulky pain in  the ass Boyfriend and I do love him very much.

So, here are few  things I love about my BoyFriend:

1.He’s got my back Always – This is hugely important to me.  I know that my BF is 100% behind me, always. He is always there for me, and always takes my side.  He is my true partner, in every sense of the word
2.I trust him completely – Look, I know one should never say never, but for all the important things in life, I trust him completely.  I know he always has my best interests at heart.
3.He’s funny – He  might come across quite serious at first, but he has an great sense of humour – there is NOTHING my BF  likes more than to pull a prank on someone. He is very funny.  (Just ME  – he has to work very, very hard to pull a prank on me, I know his tricks by now)
4.He is clever  – More important than looks, power, money etc, ‘clever’ has always been my ‘thing’. I love clever and my BF is very clever. At all sorts of things.
5.He is hot – Being caught up in the daily grind of day, this is something I don’t notice often enough, but the man is damn hot.  If I had to describe my ideal physical characteristics in a man, my BF would be it.
6.He loves my parents -This is HUGE for me – I could never be with someone who didn’t love and respect my parents. They mean the world to me and it would be an absolute deal breaker if it was any different.
7. We are remarkably similar in many respects – we have the same attitude towards money, family, lies, etc etc
8. Yet we are different enough to make life interesting –  We compliment each other, he is strong where I am not, im soft-hearted,but he’s not,he is polite where as im out-spoken…etc…etc…  I think life would be very boring if we were pure carbon copies of each other. Does make for some ‘interesting’ times though.

I could actually go on and on.  He really is perfect for me. Make no mistake(may be few around the corners,but thats okay.who never does!) he is a HUGE pain, specially when he is playing CS (counter-strike… a guy game off-course!) but he is perfect for me.  My sis often says she has no idea how the two most different, odd people in the world managed to find each other.  And it is quite weird actually, considering we are from such different backgrounds and he is a bit younger-looking  than me.But we were obviously meant to be together.

(PS I do know and realize that I am not the easiest person to live with, as much shit as he gives me, I probably give him too.(way too much…i know!) Which might actually qualify as point 9 on this list)