“Love everyone equally ,  
Don’t give special place to any because its
easy to give that place but it hurts when the person
doesn’t know the value of That place .”

It really hurts when somebody
we love the  most, ignores us when we go in front of them
and they react as if they don’t know who we are…
How can love and hurt be so close together? How come I love you so much that I could litteraly die for you, but u also hurt me so deep that i could kill myself ?! That doesn’t make any sense ! Even to me. I just can’t understand it. You just make and destroy my days at the same time. Every day I see you, it feels like my heart is filled up for the rest of the year, but when you call me ur BITCH,it also causes me pain. I just wanna jump in your arms and never let go. And I know you feel the same. You’ve told me. So why is it that everything is all just fucked up? Why ? Why can’t it be simple. Why can’t u just either love or hate me? Why can’t u choose ? And why can’t i choose either ? Maybe we were meant to find eachother and to destroy our beautiful love. That must be it. Maybe u just love hurting me . Or I hurt loving you. But either way, it’s not normal. Aren’t love and hurt meant to be the opposite of each other ? They aren’t supposed to get to you together. It’s like saying I’m hungry while eating. It’s just impossible ! So how come ? I don’t know. My best theory so far, is that we were meant to LOVE each other because this feeling is just impossible… And i hope someday u’ll realize the meaning of TRUE-LOVE!