It’s funny how your special someone  can break your heart  in two  and Kill your heart. Then expect it to recover.

I am wounded. He yelled at me,when there wasn’t any fault of mine and  yet still says he loves me and talks as if it kills him to be so busy with friends and so-called works. He makes me so confused and I don’t know what to do. Of course I am going to move on but I can never let him go. Boys say we are confusing.. yeah right! They play with our emotions, make us love them, break our hearts, and go on to play with the next girl’s heart like it is one of their little toys. A heart is not a toy and it is not to be messed with as such. My heart is broken and I may be really stupid but I still love my BF with all those shattered pieces. Why does this have to be my life? Why do I get screwed over in relationships? I mean am I that bad of a girlfriend to the point where guys find a girl and break my heart? I feel like shit. And I am ready to give up on love. Anyway, love doesn’t suck. With the wrong person maybe. But it just hurts. No one is perfect, I just know in my soul he is my perfect match and I can’t let him go. So we will move on but never let go of our love, because if we are really meant to be the way it seems, and this really is fate, then we maybe he’ll understand my love for him  in the future. No hopes up just gotta wait out and see. Until then I am gonna live my life and try to enjoy it.