I LOVE winter. It’s my favorite season and I wish it could last even longer. Before you accuse me of being crazy, here are (at least) 10 reasons why Winter rocks:

1.What is nicer than curling up on the sofa under a blanket? Sofa + blanket+ DVD = happiness. Throw in a person to curl up with and now you’re talking bliss!

2.I don’t like the pressure of spring and summer. The pressure of being out, “enjoying the weather”, walking, running, gardening…the list goes on. With winter, you have a ready-made (and valid) excuse to just relax. Dark before even leaving the house, you can settle in at home, doing very little without the guilt and pressure of “doing”.

3.With winter, everything slows down. Naturally following on from reasons 1 and 2, evening relaxation starts much earlier than in spring and summer. So you have more time, it’s true! Don’t ask me to explain the physics but I’m sure I have a ton more time in winter. Okay, it’s not that I use the extra time for much, but I know I have i need it!

4.I love layers and I love wearing clothes. And while I may be also admitting to very low self esteem in the body image department, it doesn’t change the fact that deciding what to wear in winter is fun! Cardigans, coats, scarves, gloves, hats…FUN! And on really cold days you can dress in all black and pretend you’re a ninja. Some of you will insist being a pirate is more fun but I disagree, it’s ninja all the way, baby!

5.I love winter foods. Warm, starchy, carb-laden and usually with oodles of flavor and sauce.to list a few, hearty chicken bucket from KFC, double cheese pizza from MC DONALDS, chilling Cold-cofee with icecream from CCD, my mom-made Hot-chocolate late at night and more – Winter means love on a plate!

6.Winter is nature’s way of saying “give yourself a break”. With little daylight, the need to hibernate and lower energy, you just don’t need to give yourself a hard time with all the “shoulds” in your life. Therefore when you do manage to get something done, you can feel the afterglow of satisfaction for greater periods of time.

7.Where do the bugs  go in winter? Are they like me, cozying up on the sofa and enjoying love on a plate? Who knows. But wha i do know is they’re not in my house! Summer shows gazillions of spiders in every corner, nook and cranny but not in winter! My house is spider free (I don’t mind them generally but it was a bit creepy to count 12 in my bathroom at one point last summer).  Plus my pet Lucydoesn’t seem bothered by fleas during the winter either, so winter is bug-free and we like it!

8.While Christmas Day itself is always a come down and New Years has never done much for me, one reason I love winter IS the holiday season! I love the all the build up and expectations with decorations, gift giving, parties and Christmas carols.]

9.Whether you like showers or baths better, can anyone disagree that when it’s wintery, dark and cold, a long hot shower is cozy? Hot showers in summer are wasted on me, I mean who wants to sweat while taking a shower?  But winter means luxuriating in the shower, slowly turning down the cold water so make that water bearable. Getting pink and wrinkly, that’s what it’s about in Winter (wait, was that me going too far?)

10.Winter is ideal for idle chit chat! At the bus stop, in the shops, at the stores, on wordpress – there’s so much good material for conversation thanks to Winter and all the weather that’s associated with it!