Let’s be honest. I was never one of those girls who spent their childhood and youth dreaming about their wedding and planning every detail. Truly, the idea of being in a relationship horrified me and being so hopeful that I might ever find a boy I’d want to date let alone marry seemed like a  curse! However, things never happen how you expect them to and while I’m not engaged(but thinking about being engaged soon, my opinion about the future has been changed since being in a relationship.)

My BF is the man of my dreams and I’ve already figured out every detail of my wedding specifically with him in mind, and I’ve started to realize how wonderful it is to have a best friend you have a crush on who has a crush on you too and that my wedding will be a wonderful day for getting to officiate with that special person for a lifetime. I think it’s pretty cool.
Anyways, it only became clear to me this year when I started to daydream that there was only one place I can ever get married. And, in the blink of an eye and spark of one memory, my location is solidified.
I’ll walk down the aisle on the sandy beaches of GOA through a meadow filled with thousands of wildflowers overlooking the Mountains. I really really love the idea of almost a “Fairytale” theme. Now, bear with me. I’m not thinking glitter and little fairies. I’m thinking natural wood tables and seating, lots of wildflowers at the tables, and just a natural feel. Glass vases for wild sunflowers and daises in multiple colors, white lace tablecloths, dark wood tables.I would love to be able to find an old barn or something for the reception. A massive brunch with pancakes, bacon, omelets, French Toast, and every breakfast food known to man. I want it to be super casual and low key- no caterers for this girl! Since the ceremony would take place in the early morning, the reception would occur in the morning, also. (a beachside would probably be best if I could find a lawn or meadow for it to occur, far from the public!) .After the reception, I want it to be like any other day we’ve spent as a friends…boating, water skiing, tubing, fishing, and playing! And everyone would have to enjoy the beach,coz my BF loves waterly things so..!!

When I picture the bridal party, I want to maintain the fun fairytale-whimsical theme. I picture from one of my favourite movie ‘beauty and the beast’.  And…for my dress… let me tell you, that’s the one thing I can’t picture! I know I want something classic. Something flattering. Something I’ll look at fifty years later and still think it’s as beautiful as the day I wore it. I love lace. I love classic cuts. I love simple! No crazy trains, no crazy frills, no mermaid styles, no poofs and no puffs!
I want my wedding to be fun. I want pictures of me and my hubby to be jumping off a dock into the water.(well that simply horrifies me,but thats what i want to do with the love of my life,holding hands…you know that takes away all your fears!)I want everyone to dance.I want lots of good, home cooked food. I want affordable. I want comfortable. I want it to be small but grand so I can feel like I can celebrate with each and every person there.I want it to be “A FAIRYTALE WEDDING”!