You’re my honey bunch,
sugar plum,
pumpie umpy umpkin…
you’re my sweetie pie.

You’re my cuppy cake,
gum drop,
snookum snookums
the apple of my eye!

Sometimes it’s difficult to show you how much you mean to me
So perhaps words from my heart would be easier…

Every morning when I wake up
You are the first thing I think about
I am fortunate to have you as MY boyfriend
No-one is as perfect for me as you areYou take my hand and warm my heart
I’ve never felt these kind of feelings before
Being in your presence turns my world around
You put the smile on my face and the sparkles in my eyes!

Your words mean the world to me
You know just what to say
To make everything seem ok
With you by my side I feel I can conquer any struggle life throws me

Your beautiful inside and out
In every way imaginable
I know you have your own problems
Trapped within your heart

Please let me be the one you can open up to
I will be your shoulder to cry on
Your pole to keep you from falling
And I’ll always be the girlfriend you need me to be.

I’m happiest with you
Every other problem fades when I am with you
When you hold me
My entire body tingles and warms up
You give me the desire to live life to the full
With you I’m confident, I trust you.

I love spending time with you
Staring at you
Hugging you
Kissing you
Loving you

So one day
Instead of having to wake up,
Thinking of you
Maybe I’ll wake up
Next to you…!!!