As the New Year comes, one can’t help but wonder why at this time of year we always feel the need to review our lives and make changes to it. Everything else in society by which we often measure our success has a different time frame; the tax year doesn’t start till April, nor the Academic year till September. And yet each year, on December 31st, when the clock strikes twelve, we begin to decide (again) what we want our lives to be like.

Much like a school report, the phrases ‘Lacks focus’ or ‘Must try harder’ can be applied. And just like school reports, resolutions are terribly disastrous!.Some of the pledges i know people made recently are  such as: ‘Become less addicted to facebook’, ‘Start internet dating’ or ‘Act more and Tweet Less’,Lose weight. Exercise more. Eat less meat. Stop smoking. Read more. Work on career. Become more confident. Find love. 

(However, by and large, they always stay the same!)

Most people admit that every year, at least one or two of their resolutions stay the same. This tells us of two things: that either they enjoy choosing resolutions that they know they can keep, OR that they have no intention of keeping them in the first place. So why do we even bother? May be it is because when the year comes around again, we just can’t help thinking about how it went.  After experiencing 365 days of a year we like to believe that the next 365 will be different!!! That somehow we will become fitter, happier(well you can say,better versions of ourselves.) Some of us will promise to be more active, while others will promise to try and relax. For those of us who feel we’ve achieved a lot, we still want to achieve more, and for those of us who have had a terrible year,(just as in my case!)well…we’ll just be glad it’s over! And we do all this because we are human, and if we didn’t, we would probably cease to exist at all… if we spent each day considering our life as much as we do in the first few days of January, then frankly, we wouldn’t be living it.