Well this is it – the big count down to 2012.

I’ve learned to be by myself & I think for me I’ve done ok so far. I don’t want to start 2012 on a down note – so I am staying as positive as i can for a brighter future.I don’t know if this is a great thing to say but I am looking forward to 2012 with great expectation and little depression– things have got to change round here and who knows what I will be writing at this time next year.

My wish list for 2012

(Some serious – some not so.)

The word(s) I would most like to disappear from people’s vocabulary: whatever and f#%k you.

2.The interests that I would most like to learn: swimming.

3.The person with whom I would like to spend the most time in 2012 (and eternity): my BF.

4.The people that I would most like to see absolutely best in health:Mom-n-Dad.

5.The one place I would want to go again:Delhi.

6.The food that I would most like to sample for the first time in 2012: steak and shushi.

7.The person I would love to see got married:My sis.

8.The guy-game I would love to see get vanished:CounterStrike.

9.The TV programme I would like to see more of:P.K.Y.E.K.

10.The celebrity that I would most like to take early retirement by next Christmas:Katy perry(My BF’s fav)

and the last one, to see myself in a good shape,happilly living life without any worries!!!