Does my BF love me?

Well I havent got a flower to pull the petals but I think he does.Maybe he is a little squashed by the current situation and maybe he panics a bit… Well looking after his family,taking-out time for me,money matters, health matters, looking in to the future and everything together – for someone who is doing it for the first time – it must be very scarrrrrrrry!! But he should know that I am scared too – just I am also excited and I believe in US very much and I know that together we will make it! I wish that one day we will be able to sit down and we will be able to tell to eachother our worries and problems – than we will be able to tuckle them together with doubbled strength!! But I think I will have to wait for that because he is sooooo shy or he just doesnt trust me enough to do that… I dont know… I know that I love him, I want to be with him and I want to get old by his side 😀 does he want that? I hope so 🙂 Im just fed up of other people that are trying to break us up!!! What business they have in that??? People are telling me stuff like: He isn’t right for you and doesnt treat you right… bla bla bla The most annoying thing is that these are the people that know us just a little and know nothing about how we are to eachother when we are together. So dear idiots: Keep your floppy noses in your own bloody books and leave us alone!!! – Really hate people like that!!!!

And for one thing I’m so deadly sure.. is that, I LOVE HIM and HE LOVES ME A HELL LOT!!