It is pouring back home…

What is it that I love about rains?
The smell of the soil after the first rain.Like how all of a sudden everything quiets down. I love looking out of the window for hours when it rains, it is very peaceful.

The raindrops… Yep the raindrops that fall rhythmically, each in anticipation of the next, creating a beautiful symphony… The droplets ever so small yet carrying the immense power to the cool down a raging earth… The cold drops that cud drench our very soul seemingly able to wash away all the pain..

I doubt if i luv anything more than a long walk in the rain.. with my BF.

What I hate about rains?
I am scared of the thunder and the lightning. (But that adds to its beauty, right?) an It also makes me very lazy. hmmm… the traffic just worsens..!!

Do you love the rain? You already know whether wetter weather is better. Find out exactly how much you love the rain, and let the world know if you’ve just got rain on the brain, or you are a true rain lover.

The I Love the Rain Test

1.Tomorrow’s weather report: rain. What’s your reaction?

  •     I won’t feel like going out
  •     Looks like I’ll need the umbrella
  •     YES! yes yes yes yes yes!

2.Have you ever just sat and listened to the rain?

  •     Yes, all the time
  •     No, way too boring
  •     Yes, if I’m in bed

3.Have you ever gone outside when it’s raining just to be in the rain?

  •     Yes, all the time
  •     No, I like being dry
  •     No, but I would like to/plan to

    You make plans for an outdoor activity on a certain day. Are these plans the same “rain or shine”?

  •     Yes, why wouldn’t they be?
  •     Yes, and the rain makes them better
  •     No, we would move inside

5.Do you make plans specifically for rainy days? (i.e. “the next time it rains, we have to…”)

  •     I’m waiting for a rainy day right now
  •     I like to keep it spontaneous
  •     Yes, but they involve staying inside

6.No. that’s silly
    Driving in the rain?

  •     Makes the trip better
  •     OK, except for the trucks.
  •     I pull off the road

7.With the convertible top down!
    What do you think about thunderstorms.

  •     Nice to listen to, from indoors
  •     Great, except the lightning
  •     Lightning? What lightning?

8.I’ll be in the basement
    Umbrellas? Useful or unwanted?

  •     Useful
  •     Unwanted
  •     They make a nice accessory

9.uhh… both?
    Warm rain or cold rain?

  •     Warm! It’s great for running around in!
  •     Cold! It’s great for cuddling up!
  •     Both are great/I run around in both

10.Why can’t it be sunny instead?
    Do you like any poems or songs about rain?

  •     Yes
  •     No

 11.You are inside in a meeting or class, in the middle of something that you are not allowed to leave. It starts pouring rain, so loud you have trouble hearing people talking. Do you…

  •         Be glad you’re inside
  •         Hope it stops before you have to leave
  •         Wish you were outside
  •         Leave and go outside. Nothing keeps you from rain that good

12.You are with a significant other or friend, and it starts to rain. What do you do?

  •         Go outside and play in the rain
  •         Cuddle and listen to the rain
  •         Go outside then cuddle
  •         Nothing special

13. When you go out in the rain, who is usually the first one out?

  •         Others
  •         You
  •         It changes/whoever is closest to the door
  •         You don’t go outside/you have to be pulled

14.What do think about rainy hair.

  •         Beautiful with mist on it
  •         Hot when soaked and clumpy
  •         Not as good as dry hair
  •         I love the phrase “rainy hair”

15.Do you mind wet clothing?

  •         So hot! I can’t get enough!
  •         Disgusting, get it off, and change into something dry
  •         Depends on how much, how long, and under what circumstances
  •         Clothing? I like to be naked in the rain!

16.Sitting in bed at night, it starts to rain.

  •         Fall asleep
  •         Open the window a crack, so you can hear it better
  •         Stare out and watch it
  •         Get out of bed and go out in the rain. It’s never too late!

17.True or false? It is ok to be sad on rainy days

  •         True, rain always puts me in a bad mood
  •         True, but I’m happy on rainy days
  •         True, but only if you’re lonely for someone to share it with
  •         False, rain should alway make you happy

18.Do you like jumping in puddles?

  •         Yes, and I do as often as I can!
  •         Every once in a while for fun
  •         Only if it’s to get other people wet
  •         I steer clear of puddles/not since I was young

19.How much does it rain?

  •         It doesn’t rain nearly enough. More rain!
  •         It rains just the right amount. Yay!
  •         It rains too much. More sun!

20.How do you like it to rain?

  •         Pour!
  •         Showers
  •         Light rain (drizzle/misting)
  •         Not at all