Want to impress your guy? Well, those fabulous looks are not enough to make him fall for you.

Everyone wants first impressions to last. We groom ourselves and develop qualities.In case you are wondering how to impress a guy, it revolves around these things namely – appearance, sense of humour, intelligence and a great personality  traits. A girl needs to have a lots of qualities,  to attract a guy.

But there are 10 ways in which you could impress your guy.

1. Personality

Guys  like girls  who have a great personality.

2. Sense of humour

A good sense of humour in a girl can boost their chances of impressing guys.

3. Honesty

Honesty is good for any relationship and if you stay loyal to your guy, he’ll be flattered.

4. Someone easy-going

Guys  don’t like obsessive girls, they like them easy going.

5. Intelligence

A good sense of humour doesn’t come without intelligence. Guys want someone he can test himself against on the sofa next to him.

6. Kindness, being lovely, charming, being able to cope with her beauty

Guys  go for girls who are kind, loving and charming. They like girls who can deal wit their beauty.

7. She must be somewhat attractive, athletic, fun

Guys  like girls  who are somewhat attractive, athletic, and fun to be with.

8. Non-pretentious smile but with fire-y eyes

Guys  usually fall for girls with a non-pretentious smile and who have fire in their eyes.

9. Consistency

Girls who are extremely faithful are impressive in the eyes of guys.

10. Good hygiene, sincere

Girls  should be sincere and stay clean.