When it comes to love, sometimes there are no words, sometimes the words are hard to find, and sometimes the words are hard to say. Whatever the dilemma may be, flowers are a timeless form of expression to convey this message to the object of one’s affections, and even if the words themselves are preferred, giving a beautiful bouquet of flowers rarely has a negative effect.

Flowers are symbolic of a variety of emotions, including love.However, different types of flowers are meant to represent different types of love. Many are familiar with the rose, a classic offering of love in a romantic relationship. Red roses, which are intended to say “I love you,” can speak volumes when given by one who is truly in love. However, yellow roses, which have historical connotations of jealousy and deceit, and even in their most positive meanings only represent friendship and contentment, convey something else.

It may be hard to go wrong with red roses; but for something a little more unusual, there are many others that speak just as strongly, if not more.

Daisies may seem like an unconventional choice, as they are meant to symbolize purity and innocence, but they can also represent “loyal love.”

Orchids are a symbol of love, beauty, strength, refinement and charm. This shower of compliments will express not only the love of the giver, but their admiration of the virtues of the recipient.

Tulips, like roses, differ in meaning by their colors. A red tulip is a “declaration of love,” while white tulips signify “beautiful eyes” and yellow tulips that there is “sunshine in your smile.” A red tulip seems the best choice, but a combination of the three should produce a glow in anyone’s face.

Carnations are also representative of love. Red is equated with passion and white with pure love. However, as with roses, the yellow one has less positive meanings.

Spider flowers are meant to say simply “elope with me.” With such a clear meaning, the giver may want to think carefully before offering this particular flower.