He is always busy now-a-days .He hardly calls me anymore, he calls but only talks for 5 mins now. And when he says he will call back he never does. He always used to call me all the time and talk to me for hours and hours, and he always used to call me back when he says he will. But now he doesn’t. Maybe it’s because he’s busy 😦 I’m getting really depressed about it.I miss him so much.Well, i know the problem and so, i try to keep myself busy but i keep thinking about him and miss him a hell lot!!! He’s very private about his feelings, he says he loves me. I feel ive turned into a clingy needed girlfriend and i hate that,I love him deeply, and he says he’s serious about us and loves me more than i’ll ever know. Some people say that if he really cared he’d come see me more often ,and  spend time with me but things do come up. I can understand him being busy. We live almost t 10 minutes down the road  from eachother.I know in his voice he wants me to wait for him because we have something special in the future for us. I know it because I sense it in his voice… But it is hard when a boyfriend is busy. But im just glad to see im not the only girl out there who gets lonely at times because there’s moments where it feels like im the only one…!!!