I do not really hate him, I hate the fact that I believed he’s even worthy of my love. I hate it when he can’t see that he’s making the wrong choices. I like to ask myself, in vain, why the ‘perfect feeling’ refuses to go away. I hate that wonderful smile that made me fall in love the first time I saw him. I hate him for making me look like this, to have done with my world that was so perfect, turned a puzzle with missing pieces around.

I hate him because I still love him and he still loves me but doesn’t want to admit it . I hate him because he thinks he’s better then me when he’s not .

I hate him because he acts like one person around his friends and he acts like another when its just me and him . I hate him because I can’t get him out of my heart .

i hate him because he stole my heart, then stomped on it. i hate him because he gained my trust and turned me against myself. i hate him because i have never fallen so hard for anyone.

i hate him because i love him and we will be together someday.

i hate myself because i dont feel worthy of anyone. if i cant have  him, i shouldn’t have anyone!!!