Does your guy always stare at other girl even when you’re around?(Well mine…YES!!!,maybe a little when i’m around and a lot when i’m not.) It can be really annoying at times, and you may feel helpless too.
Guys have always had a hard time keeping their eyes focused even when they are around their girls.They always have to stare at other girl across the street. It’s almost like you’re helpless and you can’t do anything about it. Or can you?

All girls  have been there… and done that. By that I mean, we’ve all caught our Guy staring at other girl and their assets, and we’ve all given them the cold shoulder until they came back crawling and sweet talking us into forgiving them. But what is it with Guys and their wandering eyes? They are supposedly in a happy relationship and they do love you, but there’s something about that girl’s legs or another girl’s boobs  that gets his neck craning a complete circle to get a better view. It can be really annoying each time you tell him off, but you know nothing’s ever going to stop him.

Guys stare as if they’re hypnotized and at most times, they need a bang on the head to realize you exist. It’s alright to see your male friends stare at other girls, but when your own Guy  sizes up women in front of you, it’s obviously going to hurt you and your ego. Your male friends would say that they stare at girls because they are so damn good looking, and that they envy God for having such outstanding creativity! But your boyfriend usually says “oh… I thought I knew that girl, serious… she reminded me of an old school friend.” Or maybe not… ah.. was that my friends girlfriend…Well,Most guys do it, but they also add that they try their best not to,(as in my case, i know!!)but it’s just their involuntary reflexes.

Guys stare, stare…and stare!!!  But what they don’t understand is that we look at these guys as ‘annoying men who just can’t seem to work the courage up to approach a girl.’ And besides, we’re not actually going to appreciate the ‘stares’ of a coward, are we? But Guys don’t seem to care. And it’s probably because they know they’ll never have the courage to walk up and approach a girl, and ask her out. So they might as well size her up and register her assets with their x-ray vision eyes as much as their brain can allow them to. It may be a nice glance or a drooling stare, but researchers have revealed that an average Guy spends six months of his life leching at girls! And his eyes make sure they get an average of eight sneaky stares each day, sometimes for up to two minutes at a stretch.

So now you know that trying to get rid of his habit is not going to be easy, actually, it’s not going to be possible at all. But the most important question is how do you handle it? And how do you change all that forever? If you are deeply upset you have issues with your guys let me tell you one more thing, as i’ve observed in my relationship with my BF is that guys simply like to look at eye candy variety. It has nothing to do with their hearts..!!!