Do you ever feel like you’re not happy being who you are? At times, feeling lonely and all alone may be a reflection of how you feel on the inside.

In life, there are times when we feel like a failure. But that’s no reason to hate yourself or think you’re no good.You’re not alone. You aren’t the only one who feels miserable with their life. Life isn’t unfair only to you. The decision to change your life and understand how to love yourself still lies in your own hands. Always remember that. Change begins and ends with you, and your determination.

Understanding how to love yourself can help you cope with failure and rebuild your confidence, and enjoy a better life.There may be many reasons behind why you don’t love yourself, all the way from being overweight to not getting attention from others to repeated failures.

But whatever your reason may be, understand the real secret behind knowing how to love yourself and you can change your life forever.For the world to love you and respect you, you need to love yourself and respect yourself too.

Do you think you’re good company?
Would you like spending time with someone who’s just like you?

Try to find your own weaknesses and change your life with these pointers on how to love yourself. Be truthful while assessing your flaws because you alone can change your life.
If you really want to know how to love yourself, be determined and focus on starting to make little positive changes every day. It could be issues related to your work, health, love family or even your own personal dreams. Whatever they may be, be determined and pursue them with all your heart. By doing this, you’ll respect and love yourself a lot more.

For starters, go out and meet people. Join clubs , communities or blogs that interest you and meet people who share your passion or dreams. By interacting with happy people who share your thoughts, you’ll feel better about yourself. And when others love you and your company, you’ll love yourself and respect yourself more.

Learning to love yourself takes time and initiative. It’s a wonderful feeling to look good, be admired by everyone around you and loved by everyone including yourself. But it does take time. Never be too critical of yourself and expect immediate changes.

Give yourself some time, and wait for the good times to roll in.
You can listen to someone else, but never let them dominate you or control your thoughts. Every time you let someone push you over, your confidence takes a beating and you end up hating yourself.

If your friends or your BF take you for granted or treat you like you’re not important, perhaps it’s time you stopped spending so much time with them. Spend time with people who respect you and want your company, and your ego and the love for yourself will grow.
Don’t let anything negative come in the way of your positivity and enthusiasm to have a better life. Your loved ones may be trying to help you at times, so take their advice if you must, but always stay in control of your own life and listen to the voices in your head.

Always remember to make at least one positive change in your life every single day. Figuring out how to love yourself can seem like a huge task. But as long as you take an initiative to change yourself one baby step at a time, you’ll feel happier and more loved than ever before, every single day.

Change your life for the better  and always remember, even the longest of journeys start with a single step!!!