l have heard the term “Drama Queen” and almost everyone knows what it means and knows one (or of one) in real life. But what would you call the male version of a Drama Queen? A Drama King of course.

What exactly is a Drama King? I decided to do some research and it seems that where a Drama Queen overreacts to just about anything and everything, a Drama King likes to draw those traits out in those around them. These kinds of guys  enjoy stirring others up and then sitting back and watching it happen. A good example of this would be a guy who does not handle his issues himself, he has someone else do it for him. He can be the one with the big mouth that starts the fight, but let’s his bruiser of a buddy do the actual swinging while he cheers him on.

A Drama King lets his emotions get way out of control over the simplest of things. You plan a trip to the amusement park and on the way it starts to rain. A Drama King would start cursing, pull the car over, threaten to go home, and bitch about how the day is now TOTALLY RUINED. Everyone else in the car is trying to calm him down, saying things like “But it may clear up” but he won’t hear any of it. He doesn’t even realize HE is the one TOTALLY RUINING THE DAY as opposed to the weather. He automatically jumped to the conclusion that it couldn’t possibly clear up before you get there or soon after. He reacts as if he knows for SURE it will be a torrential rainstorm the entire day. When the sun does come out, he won’t apologize for acting out, he will act as if it never happened.

A Drama King must be the center of attention. These kind of  guy will take over conversations other people are having, have to interrupt people to draw attention to him, and whatever anyone else has, he has a bigger one. Whatever cool thing anyone has done, he has done it twice. He is always one-upping and bragging.

Everything must be perfect for the Drama King, otherwise it has to be the worst. It cannot be o.k., decent, or acceptable, it is either perfect or the most horrible.

If you are involved with a Drama King, be prepared to feel as though you are in a relationship with a spoiled-rotten child, because you are. Unless you are a Drama Queen yourself, you find their behavior hard to handle. If you don’t want drama in your life, stay far away from a Drama King or that is exactly what you will get.