How many chances should you give a guy before you end-up a relationship?

It really does depend on what you are giving him another chance for. It is reasonable to give him a few chances to remember to put the toilet seat down because it is not a major offense like having an affair. The key word is reasonable. If a guy  constantly lies about where he is and you keep catching him, if you don’t end the relationship, you have basically accepted the behavior and it becomes a part of your relationship.

Relationships should have set, permanent boundaries, not temporary ones. If you do not want to be with a guy who lies all the time, then end your relationship with the guy  who is lying to you all the time. When a guy knows he can get away with something, not only will he do it, but he doesn’t fear the consequences of doing it. You cannot say you won’t tolerate a guy who cheats on you and stay with a guy  who continues to cheat on you.

Most people believe in second chances. They want to think they would be given a second chance, and I understand that. It is one thing to screw up at work and hope, or feel you deserve a second chance. It is another to think you can do something that will end a relationship and get a second chance. The things that end relationships are serious in almost all cases. Do they really deserve a second chance when they cheated on you? Definateley  not when they abused you in any way, shape or form. So how many chances should you give him?

Chances are, if you are reading this post, you already gave him too many!!!