Are you constantly bored? Are you always just lying around the house looking for something to keep you busy? It may be time to find a new hobby.

Make a list of random activities you have heard of that you might want to try. Put everything you can think of. If your not sure if you would like something put it anyway, you just might love it!

Having trouble finding some ideas? Walk through your local craft store and look at some things that you would love to learn how to make.

Look in the newspapers for some cheap local classes. Hey, if you take the class and don’t like the hobby, at least you get to meet people on the way.

Ask yourself some basic questions. Would you like to make things? Do you like hands- on activities? Do you find yourself artistic? And so on.

Cross off things that you feel you have no interest for. It may help you to figure out what you don’t like fist.

Ask your friends, family, partner, etc. what they do in their free time. Maybe you will get some ideas.

Keep on trying. Do not give up. You will find your calling eventually.