A rainy night!

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A rainy-night is so comforting… it touches your heart and memories flows!

I love these types of nights especially in the summer months when I can sit on my  bed and watch it all through my window.

I love it so much!!!!
The best sleep ever is during rainy nights. The sight and sound of the rain creates this kind of relaxing feeling in the air that just calms you down. The pitter – patter of raindrops is like a comforting lullaby.

It’s just kind of magical  and it adds  freshness in  the air that almost gives a person (like me!) that feeling like things are going to be ok and it’s a chance to forget your troubles and start over new.

Romance-wise if the rain is cold it gives you and your boyfriend a chance to snuggle a little more to keep warm!

There was a rainy night when my love was with me!

As I hear the thundering in the skies,
and each raindrop thud against the ground,
I lie in my bed tucked with open eyes,
Thinking about you and the love we once had.

Cold winds blow in and touch my face,
They whisper to me your name,
They make me yearn for your warm embrace,
which could help me forget all my pain.

I really wish you were with me tonight,
To do things we just love to do,
and so i hug my pillow so tight,
All the while thinking its you.

My heart it speaks to you words of love,
I hope that this you can clearly hear,
I feel your touch, i feel u move,
I know you’re somewhere near.

I need you so badly, on this cold rainy night,
to work your love magic on me,
to kiss me well, to hug me tight,
and to make me sleep on your chest tonight.

If someone now could grant me a wish,
I wouldn’t take a long time to think,
Hope my rhyme clarifies my wish.
I want you tonight this is all my wish.

To send this token of love to you,
I stare up at the rainy-night,
And whisper words from my heart so true,
I miss you baby, please come soon!!!


What does taking a break mean???


I love my boyfriend and he asked for us to take a break because he felt that the problems in his life plus some of my own situations was having an effect on our relationship and holding us back from being able to have the type of relationship we could have.So he had asked for time and space!

Well……to me, taking a break means taking a step back from a relationship that isn’t meeting one or both partner’s needs, and reviewing how the relationship fits into their life picture over the long term. Its about re-evaluating the relationship without the stress of the relationship itself. The problem with ‘taking a break’ is that few people actually define what it means for their relationship.

Does it mean one or both of you can see other people, or do you not want to muddy the waters with more? Can you contact each other like texting or calling! or do you really take a break from interacting on all levels? When does the break end, and how will either of you know it? What outcomes are one or both of you hoping for from taking a break, and do both parties know it?

A new friend!


Hi fellow bloggers!

I would like you to meet my new Blog-Friend, Jacqui.
Who is an awesome guitarist, a computer lover and also a video gamer.
She has two lovely pet dogs named “Gilly”(male) and Tinkerbell (female) who are very dear to her.
she is very fond of colours specially blue and purple and she is a highly talented blogger.
So please feel free to check her blog at http://socialsistersblog.wordpress.com/ and find out what an amazing person she is!

After valentines day!

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So who’s day lived up to expectations then?

Everyone I have spoken to so far has had a good one, but unfortunately the tone of voice seems to mask a slight disappointment in every single one. Are we all guilty of buying into the hype and believing that Feb 14th is the most romantic day in the calendar for us all, building it up to some unreachable crescendo then feeling a little deflated after. Do we spend the 15th of feb and the following days convincing ourselves and others that it was all it was expected to be, telling our stories of how he/she did everything to make it special, how by the end the universe had moved not just the earth.
Do we now spend the next 12 months planning to make the next Feb 14th better, to try and come up with something that will make us the most romantic person in the world, a god amongst lovers, saviours of planet love.
For those that bought in, do we actually feel appreciated for all the effort?

Long time ,no see!!

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Hey there friends and fellow-bloggers!

It has been a while since I have blogged, quite a while actually, I have continued to read, in a haphazard kinda way, and comment, even more haphazardly.
I was just going to say I haven’t had time to write here, but that is just a lie. I have had time -less than I’d like, but anyway- I didn’t know what to say. Life hasn’t changed much for me.well…
I have to admit that one of the reasons for me not blogging has been the absence of certain people and with them the absence of the very much loved magic moments, so sad that this wonderful blogging thing has ended.
I am however back on track now 🙂 So keep motivating me to stay on track!! 🙂

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