So who’s day lived up to expectations then?

Everyone I have spoken to so far has had a good one, but unfortunately the tone of voice seems to mask a slight disappointment in every single one. Are we all guilty of buying into the hype and believing that Feb 14th is the most romantic day in the calendar for us all, building it up to some unreachable crescendo then feeling a little deflated after. Do we spend the 15th of feb and the following days convincing ourselves and others that it was all it was expected to be, telling our stories of how he/she did everything to make it special, how by the end the universe had moved not just the earth.
Do we now spend the next 12 months planning to make the next Feb 14th better, to try and come up with something that will make us the most romantic person in the world, a god amongst lovers, saviours of planet love.
For those that bought in, do we actually feel appreciated for all the effort?