Squeeeeee! That’s the sound of me being TOTALLY psyched because all is right in the world again!(My BFF just called me!)

Okay her name is Pinx…a person who I trust enough to share everything with and someone who is similar to me,she is the one I have been friendly with since the dawn of time. Reliable, quirky and never nasty or rude, she is just one of the nicest people one could ever find. From time to time we drift apart as we socialize very differently but I think her sensibility and level headedness definitely balances with my more stupid nature, something that is needed frequently.

Im super glad to have  my best friend and Im super proud of her, our friendship and the crazy stuff we end up doing :D

So here are the definitions of a Best Friend…

1.Some one with whom you really can share everything
2.Some one to blabber everything you have in your head to and hope they make sense of it
3.Some one to keep your stuff safe when you cant manage it.
4.Some one whom you can call up any time of the day/night and still expect them to pick it up and yap and more often than not manage to do so successfully ;)
5.Some one who gives you company when you have the wildest ideas and want to go ahead implementing it
6.Some one to share your secrets with to ensure that you make many more together
7.Some one to dream together with so that you could remind the other one of the many dreams they still have to fulfill
8.Some one you can count on irrespective of how reckless/volatile/senile you may become temporarily
9.Some one who makes you grin no matter how serious the situation is
10.Some one who gives you your space while keeping an eye out for you
11.Some one you can remind that they are on a diet and gladly be of help to munch their chocolate/softy so that no food goes to waste ;)
12.Some one with whom you create memories to cherish and laugh and pull your mood up any time you feel low
13.Some one whom your mom hates more so ‘coz of the phone bill
14.Some one who reminds you of your phone number when you forget and anything else you might have forgotten
15.Some one who points out a very different view of the same issue
16.Some one you know you can talk to about anything and whether they really understand or not, they would store it in memory for future referencing.
17.Some one with whom you can laugh your head off thinking about the crazy things/conversations you have had together
18.Some one who is with you no matter what
19.Some one who reminds you that you need a break
20.Some one who boosts your ego

This is my list! Whats yours?