Why is that sometimes people say things that they don’t really mean but it hurts all the same?

And then you find yourself again  to the same place that you let go by and don’t want to remember ever in your life! Its hard to figure out why things aren’t going the way it should and why everything’s falling apart. You try to figure out but all in vain… then life seems pathetic and even your sweetest dreams turns out to be the most horrifying nightmare!

For that special someone who loves hurting me all the time!

Its always my caring side for u,
I don’t ask for anything more from u,
Why u blame me for everything,
why u always say that i m wrong,
Is that so that,
loving someone is a crime,
if it is then this crime is done by almost all humans,
I cant say listen to me,
I always said that listen to that what i don’t say,
cant u read my eyes,
cant u see the care and love i have for u,
do u think i m lying to u,
do u think my feelings are fake,
Why u always hurt me,
why don’t u understand my feelings,
why u always say things that you don’t really mean,
why u always give tears in my eyes,
why is so that i cant forget u,
why is so that i always miss u,
why is it so that if u hurt me i bear the pain,
but cant see tears in your eyes???
Do u have the answers to these questions,
Can u tell me why u r always in my thoughts??
I just don’t know why this happens,
Why u always hurt me like this,
why u don’t care when i m hurt,
why it is so simple for u,
Is it really so simple????
I don’t know anything,
I haven’t expected anything precious from u,
and if i expected anything from u,then
its just your love and care,
if thats my fault then OK i m wrong and I m sorry for that,
I just want u to be happy always,
and nothing more now i want from u,
I don’t know u will feel the same as i do for u,
But i just know that i will love and care for u as i always do,
and no one can stop me from doing so,not even u,
U will be always in my heart as a tender thought,
and will always be dear to me,whether i say it or not,
My silence will say it all…..!!!

“I want to be remembered as the girl who smiles even though her heart is broken,and the one who can always brighten up your days even if she couldn’t brighten her own!”