Hmmm… Friendship???

Well everyone has their own standards to friendship.Some people look for friends who are always there,some look for friends who are dependable and so on.

But I am just looking for one thing when I look for a friend,

‘when that person is like me’,and I have a really dear friend, Alok… aka,”Aloo-chat”! who would never give up and is exactly what a true friend should be!Always ready to help me no matter what the circumstances be.. guide me, encourage me and moreover makes me laugh to my hearts glory.

I believe that God gives us friends because in one way or another,these people are angels sent from above to guide us, help us and strengthen us.So the more we love our friends, the more we feel loved, happy and enjoy life.

So here I listed the top reasons why and what I like about him…

He keep my secrets: Aside from God, of course, there are other people who know my secrets…and Aloo, is one among those ‘good secret keepers’.You’ll know a person is not a friend when he leaks your secret, seriously. A true friend is when they keep the secret, and makes that funny facial expression in times that your secret is about to spill but your friend still tends to save the secret from being exposed.(and he’s exactly like that!) so a true friend feels what his friend feels, no friend wants his friend to be sad. So when Aloo tells me a secret, I lie to people If I have to, just to keep that secret, and he does the same with me as well.

I am never alone because of him: Yes! you know the saying,’birds of the same feathers flock together’..Aloo has always been there for me through my ups and downs.(believe me he has witnessed all those difficult times of my life,that made my life pathetic..well i would rather try to forget!) .Well…no friend wants to see their friend suffering. Of course, they will not know what you are going through unless you tell them. They are not fortune tellers to know every little thing happening in your life. Its better to utilize your friends, they are there because they are your partners in crime. and you are never alone.Friends complete a missing piece of your heart, especially when that piece is unsearchable anymore.

He makes me happy:Of course, who would make those dull moments, turn to be happy ones? FRIENDS! and Aloo is surely that special friend who me happy when im grumpy.he makes sure that i’m happy and every moment is a smile in my heart. he might look stupid but he does it, just to make me feel better and to make unforgettable memories, too. I can say I am the goofy one among my friends. I don’t like dull moments, it’s like your wasting time. So instead of torturing yourselves with silence, kill yourselves with laughter. Aloo also have simple ways of making me happy. Simple surprises, gifts, jokes, bonding and chats are ways to make a me happy. But what would make a friend happier? It’s when you are right beside him. 🙂

He makes me cry:If Aloo makes me happy,he is also the best person who can make me cry. Since our friends have a place in our hearts, it would definitely hurt us if we remove them from our lives. They also make us cry by touching our hearts.He does unexpected things for me,he sacrifice for me, he set aside things for me,true friends are actually more than anything in life…and so does is he, for me!

 He is true to me: That’s the most important of all. He don’t have to pretend to be of high social status just to be with me. I am true to him as well. I don’t pretend to be rich or of high power. I make sure we are of the same level. he go crazy when I go crazy, and he get sad when he see me cry. I know when a friend is pretending, and it just turns me off. I feel that i don’t have to be friends with those kind of people because I will have that need to be like them, too. So i choose to be with simple people, with simple dreams, just like me. Or shall I say, I make friends to people who are like me…and as stated earlier, he is exactly like me.

I consider him as a part of my family:He is like a family to me,there might be small fights, arguments and disappointments, but he will always be there for me and will never leave me. I treat him as a part of the family, I make sure he is welcomed at home. I also give him special treatment and make sure he don’t feel left out. I am proud of my friend Aloo and I am never ashamed that he is my friend.

Me and Aloo have a lot in common: “You know that too??!?!” “I like that too!!!” “I know right???!?”, some of the identifiers that you have a lot in common. It’s so funny to think back to that moment when i’m talking to Aloo and the conversation gets deeper and then i enter a topic and then he goes, “You know that?”, with wide-opened eyes, then i go, “Who wouldn’t know that!” and we both laugh to our hearts glory,(thats the time when you realize you both looked funny, but then again you discovered something that bonds your friendship and makes it tighter.) It’s not even true that you don’t have a lot in common, you just have to discover that. Friendship is an unending discovery of secrets that will make you both more interested in knowing each other more, or shall I say, making fun of each other more. Having things in common with friends is fun, at least you get to enjoy things together and experience things together.

He teaches me life lessons: Like I stated earlier, friends are there to encourage us.. comfort us, but I missed the part where friends become teachers, too. And when I say teachers, i mean it.Aloo becomes strict and become perfectionist when it comes to advising and making me realize things that I don’t understand. When I become too hard-headed and too uncontrollable, he makes me realize what I did, not to offend me but just to inform me and tell me the gravity of what I did. And as a friend, I should not take these criticisms badly, these should be my stepping stones on becoming a better person. Friends also teach their learning in life, like I stated earlier there are things that friends have already experienced where we should learn from, and we should be the same with them, too.

I believe that friendship is one key of eternal happiness in life. I keep stating that life is a long journey and we should realize that in this journey, we are never alone. Just look around and your friends are here to support you. Walk the journey of life with courage because your friends are there for you.  Friends may come and go, but as you go through this journey of life, you’ll see that the person who remains walking with you at the end of the road is a true friend worth fighting for.



Are birthday’s… so special???

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Okay so…its 21 of september ’12 and I”m one year closer to death today!

Birthday’s are.. well a day to celebrate,the day you were born, the day you got life.But for me they are just another day in the year, i always used to think my birthday was my special day ‘just for me’, because I never met anyone with the same birthday as me (let me know if your birthday is today as well,it would be nice to meet someone with the same birthday) anyways i feel disappointed, let down, angry, sad, depressed, and a bit happy at the same time. so what good is this day? all I’m trying to say is, i miss having a great birthday,I remember my mother always making some effort to make my birthday party special.  For instance, a huge party with all my friends and well-wishers,lots of gifts and delicious food..but what stands out for me is the fact that my mother made me a barbie cake – you know the kind where the barbie is standing in the cake and the cake is her skirt?(for the records that was my12th birthday!!!)But now i don’t feel anything special on my birthday.i guess my life hasn’t been that great for the past couple of years and i just think that my birthday is just a regular day,nothing special or different about it!

so tell me friends are your birthday’s special to you by any means or you feel the same way as i do. Share me with your wonderful or pathetic birthday experiences!

The “kiss”


Whether it took place behind the bike sheds or at the school classroom,or at boyfriend’s room
or near the church gate your first romantic kiss is likely to remain etched in your memory for like “ever”.

Well..”My first kiss was in the 9th grade in my classroom.
School was over and after everyone had already gone out of the classroom,my “BF” pulled me aside and asked me for a kiss.
That was the most wonderful moment of my life.


So here’s something for you baby!!

Feeling your body
Next to mine
It’s as if
All has stopped, even time
Your fingers running through my hair
Looking in each other’s eyes we stare
My heart is racing and my mind aches
Looking at you is all it takes
Our lips together, such a complete hold
I close my eyes and feel your soul
This is the place I have always missed
But how could that be
This is our first kiss.

So friends tell me, how well do you remember your first kiss? Was it behind the bike sheds at school,or at university fresher’ s party
or an altogether less predicable location?
Did you regret it instantly or did it lead to true love? share me with your own stories of your first kiss.

Alone time.


Have you noticed that there’s an ebb and flow to everything in life? The sun comes up, the sun goes down,the tide comes in, the tide goes out. If you’re not currently in a relationship, it simply means the sun has temporarily set! the tide is currently out. As sure as the sun will rise again and the tide will come back in, you will eventually be in a  relationship.

Unfortunately, today’s society often assumes being alone means loneliness. Nothing could be further from the truth. I spend a lot of time alone, but I am rarely lonely. I am very protective of my time and weigh the pros and cons of everything I do. You can always make more money, but you will never get back the time you’ve wasted. The clock is ticking and no one knows how much time they have left. This is what makes life exciting.

Instead of moaning on the fact that you currently don’t have someone special in your life, why not take the time to clear the weeds in your life. I bet there’s a closet that’s begging to be organized. There are probably things you don’t need or use that can be sold or given away. Junk slowly accumulates in your life and before you know it, you feel overwhelmed. You may have heard that in order to bring new energy into your life (a partner, etc), you need to clear out the old energy.You certainly won’t have the time to do it when you meet him or her, because you’ll be so high on love that you probably won’t want to do much of anything except be with or think about your  sweetheart.
You think everyone is having a great time except you.Of course you know it isn’t true. .(Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that everyone in a relationship is happy.”It’s better to be alone than in bad company” you see!!!) The human mind is what it is, we idealize what we don’t have, and have a short term memory for all the bad times we went through when we had someone in our lives.
So keep in mind that everyone is looking for the “right person” but few people concentrate on being the “right person”. Take this time to be honest with yourself and figure out what you need to do or change in order to become someone irresistible, the type of person everyone is looking for but is so hard to find. If you can’t be honest with yourself, ask a close friend. Use this alone time to “be the best that you can be”, because before you know it, you’ll be in a relationship, and if you’ve done your homework, you’ll never be alone again!

An awesome date!


You do not have to plan a big, elaborate date to enjoy a day with your boyfriend. Sometimes the simple dates turn out to be the most memorable one with the right atmosphere and a little planning,(well for me if you ask, any date with my boyfriend is always so special and romantic!!)

Like today, i had the most wonderful day of my life… ah!!! it was awesome. For those,who don’t know much about my BF,let me tell you.. he’s not the kind of guy who will plan a date ahead of time, he’s not much of a romantic guy either instead he’s  a “serious-sam” type of a  guy.But today he just made my day!He proved himself way romantic than i can ever imagine him to be. He was dressed superbly and was looking damn hot..  he picked me from my house (even complimented me!)and we went for lunch at a charming Chinese restaurant, we had finger-liking meals while we were engaged in a conversation of our future and then we went for a little long drive that ended up sitting near a beautiful lake kissing and holding hands (like the giddy kids we used to be when we were in junior high.)and watching the sunset.Then on the way back home we went to the  terrace of his apartment…hugged each-other and shared moments that’s gonna last in our heart forever!!

The date was planned flawlessly and involved all of my favourite things… from eating to hanging out!

Sometimes,simply enjoying the company of your love is just what you need and is  wonderful. Its all about keeping things light and romantic!

This ones for you baby…

When I first met you
I felt like I had known you forever,
telling you my secrets
and what I didn’t want ever.
you listened to me
I bet you thought I’d never end,
who would have thought
we would become more than just friends.
Over a period of time,
I got to know the real you.
A boy so caring and gentle,
with a heart so true.
You’ve survived your life
with hurt and loneliness by your side.
I told you I’d never leave
because of the feelings I have inside.
I know you
like no one I have ever known,
and sometimes I wonder
what I’d do if you were gone?
So I have decided
time answers all.
If it is meant to be
time will remove the wall.
I love the way we are together,
you can always make me smile.
Will it ever really be forever?
I guess I will have to wait awhile.
Time will reveal, what lies ahead
but always remember
what I have said.
Meeting you has changed my life
and I really love you so,
the feelings I feel for you
I am never letting go.
Remember me always and I will too.
I always think of me and you…!!

thanks for everything that you did today just to make the day special. Love you lots!!

After a long time with my BFF!

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Squeeeeee! That’s the sound of me being TOTALLY psyched because all is right in the world again!(My BFF just called me!)

Okay her name is Pinx…a person who I trust enough to share everything with and someone who is similar to me,she is the one I have been friendly with since the dawn of time. Reliable, quirky and never nasty or rude, she is just one of the nicest people one could ever find. From time to time we drift apart as we socialize very differently but I think her sensibility and level headedness definitely balances with my more stupid nature, something that is needed frequently.

Im super glad to have  my best friend and Im super proud of her, our friendship and the crazy stuff we end up doing :D

So here are the definitions of a Best Friend…

1.Some one with whom you really can share everything
2.Some one to blabber everything you have in your head to and hope they make sense of it
3.Some one to keep your stuff safe when you cant manage it.
4.Some one whom you can call up any time of the day/night and still expect them to pick it up and yap and more often than not manage to do so successfully ;)
5.Some one who gives you company when you have the wildest ideas and want to go ahead implementing it
6.Some one to share your secrets with to ensure that you make many more together
7.Some one to dream together with so that you could remind the other one of the many dreams they still have to fulfill
8.Some one you can count on irrespective of how reckless/volatile/senile you may become temporarily
9.Some one who makes you grin no matter how serious the situation is
10.Some one who gives you your space while keeping an eye out for you
11.Some one you can remind that they are on a diet and gladly be of help to munch their chocolate/softy so that no food goes to waste ;)
12.Some one with whom you create memories to cherish and laugh and pull your mood up any time you feel low
13.Some one whom your mom hates more so ‘coz of the phone bill
14.Some one who reminds you of your phone number when you forget and anything else you might have forgotten
15.Some one who points out a very different view of the same issue
16.Some one you know you can talk to about anything and whether they really understand or not, they would store it in memory for future referencing.
17.Some one with whom you can laugh your head off thinking about the crazy things/conversations you have had together
18.Some one who is with you no matter what
19.Some one who reminds you that you need a break
20.Some one who boosts your ego

This is my list! Whats yours?

A rainy night!

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A rainy-night is so comforting… it touches your heart and memories flows!

I love these types of nights especially in the summer months when I can sit on my  bed and watch it all through my window.

I love it so much!!!!
The best sleep ever is during rainy nights. The sight and sound of the rain creates this kind of relaxing feeling in the air that just calms you down. The pitter – patter of raindrops is like a comforting lullaby.

It’s just kind of magical  and it adds  freshness in  the air that almost gives a person (like me!) that feeling like things are going to be ok and it’s a chance to forget your troubles and start over new.

Romance-wise if the rain is cold it gives you and your boyfriend a chance to snuggle a little more to keep warm!

There was a rainy night when my love was with me!

As I hear the thundering in the skies,
and each raindrop thud against the ground,
I lie in my bed tucked with open eyes,
Thinking about you and the love we once had.

Cold winds blow in and touch my face,
They whisper to me your name,
They make me yearn for your warm embrace,
which could help me forget all my pain.

I really wish you were with me tonight,
To do things we just love to do,
and so i hug my pillow so tight,
All the while thinking its you.

My heart it speaks to you words of love,
I hope that this you can clearly hear,
I feel your touch, i feel u move,
I know you’re somewhere near.

I need you so badly, on this cold rainy night,
to work your love magic on me,
to kiss me well, to hug me tight,
and to make me sleep on your chest tonight.

If someone now could grant me a wish,
I wouldn’t take a long time to think,
Hope my rhyme clarifies my wish.
I want you tonight this is all my wish.

To send this token of love to you,
I stare up at the rainy-night,
And whisper words from my heart so true,
I miss you baby, please come soon!!!

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