Sometimes you just need to be alone!


As individuals we need some time devoted solely to ourselves!!

We crave for time to be alone so that we can consciously process our thoughts, experiences and feelings and alone time is what helps us feel refreshed and energetic!

For me its like, when you really want or need to be alone, you have to make sure that happens, even if it hurts someone else’ s feelings.  They will always get over it…for sure! (The same way when you respect others Need for Alone Time and you get over it!!!)

I’m not much of an extrovert person, I’m more of an introvert type and introverts need time to recharge! I like the saying,”We come in alone, we die alone ” so getting comfortable with “alone” seems necessary to me. I’m always worried for people who don’t like to be alone, and need someone with them all the time…(like few of my friends who just can’t even think of being alone for a moment.)

There are certain people i know who prefer hanging out and wasting their time doing nothing other than gossiping or criticizing others  but i prefer listening to music,reading a book or watch some TV, which are really distancing mechanisms, where I think of nothing but what I’m presented with, and  I think these times are necessary too. If you are like me, I take less  time being around other people before I need to recharge alone.

Everybody needs some alone time, or “personal space”, every now and then.Personal space is what keeps us, as individuals, feeling refreshed. Taking time out from others enables us to, relax, recharge our batteries, learn about ourselves, and return to our relationships in positive mindset. So make some  time to be alone, especially when life seems chaotic.  It doesn’t mean you’re sad, you are just thoughtful. And there’s no need to feel sorry about because you are doing it for your own self… for your own betterment.

You know “Taking care of yourself, is just as important as taking care of the ones around you”.

Have you ever feel that way? Like you just need sometime to be alone with your own-self ???



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Why is that sometimes people say things that they don’t really mean but it hurts all the same?

And then you find yourself again  to the same place that you let go by and don’t want to remember ever in your life! Its hard to figure out why things aren’t going the way it should and why everything’s falling apart. You try to figure out but all in vain… then life seems pathetic and even your sweetest dreams turns out to be the most horrifying nightmare!

For that special someone who loves hurting me all the time!

Its always my caring side for u,
I don’t ask for anything more from u,
Why u blame me for everything,
why u always say that i m wrong,
Is that so that,
loving someone is a crime,
if it is then this crime is done by almost all humans,
I cant say listen to me,
I always said that listen to that what i don’t say,
cant u read my eyes,
cant u see the care and love i have for u,
do u think i m lying to u,
do u think my feelings are fake,
Why u always hurt me,
why don’t u understand my feelings,
why u always say things that you don’t really mean,
why u always give tears in my eyes,
why is so that i cant forget u,
why is so that i always miss u,
why is it so that if u hurt me i bear the pain,
but cant see tears in your eyes???
Do u have the answers to these questions,
Can u tell me why u r always in my thoughts??
I just don’t know why this happens,
Why u always hurt me like this,
why u don’t care when i m hurt,
why it is so simple for u,
Is it really so simple????
I don’t know anything,
I haven’t expected anything precious from u,
and if i expected anything from u,then
its just your love and care,
if thats my fault then OK i m wrong and I m sorry for that,
I just want u to be happy always,
and nothing more now i want from u,
I don’t know u will feel the same as i do for u,
But i just know that i will love and care for u as i always do,
and no one can stop me from doing so,not even u,
U will be always in my heart as a tender thought,
and will always be dear to me,whether i say it or not,
My silence will say it all…..!!!

“I want to be remembered as the girl who smiles even though her heart is broken,and the one who can always brighten up your days even if she couldn’t brighten her own!”

What does dreams really mean???


Ahh.. how to start? i got up crying today.. i had a dream or in my opinion a
nightmare that my BF cheated on me! I mean this is crazy we’ve been together
for 12 long years and  i trust him 100% and i know that he would never ever
do something like this to me!

well this wasn’t the first night in which i
saw him cheating on me but for the past 3 nights I’ve been dreaming that he
has been with another girl. the first one i didn’t know the girl he was with, maybe she was
just  a girl (from our  past) kissing him  under the covers…oh that dream was so
horrifying! the second and third(including the one i saw today) were really
bad..i mean it made me shed  a lot of tears than anyone can imagine!
these dreams are horrible i get heartbroken in each one. what the hell is
happening? I really feel this cannot be thoughts of my conscious mind???

So i made a small research about Dreams and what they really mean!And this is what i found…

“Dreams are a series of imaginary experiences based on images, ideas, emotions and sensations that we are subject to during regular sleeping patterns.”

There are many theories as to why we dream, and for centuries many people have tried to attach meaning and interpretations to their experiences. Here are  few theories as to why we dream:

1.Bad dreams allow us to control emotions in the ‘real’ world.

2.Dreams regulate moods.

3.Dreams help us to ‘make connections in a safe place’.

So the main point here is to keep your thoughts balanced.Dreams are also thoughts that  provide some sort of mood regulation for us while we are sleeping. For example, if you were to fall asleep with  a negative mindset, you are more likely to have dreams about something positive, and therefore wake up feeling better, as your mind tries to balance itself emotionally. Perhaps this is why so many people ‘sleep on it’ before dealing with emotional stress or great changes in their life.

Your subconscious is actually responsible for most of your dreams, so things that you push to the back of your mind resurface in your dreams while you sleep.

So friends have you ever wondered what your dreams mean? Have you ever heard the song “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes?” Do you believe that’s true?Feel free to share me with your experience and let me  know what your dreams says to you!

Do men want to get married???


Love and marriage is not a game!

It’s about finding the right person, at the right time and under the right circumstances so the marriage will be lifelong.

Maybe some men don’t want to get married(like my BF), now or ever.u know the saying,”Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?” is true. Women are making it too easy for men. They’re giving sex away. I would hate to say that there are women too (like my elder sis) who also don’t want to get married and never will.

As children, men don’t fantasize about being married–as we girls often do.It takes a while for us to begin to appreciate that marriage is valuable for us and not just for women. It’s easy to see that marriage happens when you fall in love with someone, but even then many men will marry because they want to keep the woman from marrying someone else. So it becomes a way of protecting their investment basically rather than looking at it as something that’s valuable for themselves.

So here’s Ten reasons why men won’t commit, or don’t want to get married.

  1. They can get sex without marriage more easily.
  2. They can enjoy the benefits of having a wife by living-in rather than marrying.
  3. They want to avoid divorce and its financial risks.
  4. They want to wait until they are older enough to have children.
  5. They fear that marriage will require too many changes and compromises.
  6. They are waiting for the perfect ‘soul-mate’ and she hasn’t appeared yet.
  7. They face few social pressures to marry.
  8. They don’t want to marry a woman because of a life-long commitment. .
  9. They want to own a house before they get a wife.
  10. They want to enjoy single life for as long as possible.(This one’s especially for my BF!!!)

(These findings may not be what women want to hear or believe!!!)

What about you? If you are a married man, what was your “ah ha” moment where you knew you wanted to get married to your girlfriend? If you are a single man, what are your thoughts on marriage? Ladies, what do you think about the idea that men really don’t want to get married but feel pressured in various ways to tie the knot???

After a long time with my BFF!

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Squeeeeee! That’s the sound of me being TOTALLY psyched because all is right in the world again!(My BFF just called me!)

Okay her name is Pinx…a person who I trust enough to share everything with and someone who is similar to me,she is the one I have been friendly with since the dawn of time. Reliable, quirky and never nasty or rude, she is just one of the nicest people one could ever find. From time to time we drift apart as we socialize very differently but I think her sensibility and level headedness definitely balances with my more stupid nature, something that is needed frequently.

Im super glad to have  my best friend and Im super proud of her, our friendship and the crazy stuff we end up doing :D

So here are the definitions of a Best Friend…

1.Some one with whom you really can share everything
2.Some one to blabber everything you have in your head to and hope they make sense of it
3.Some one to keep your stuff safe when you cant manage it.
4.Some one whom you can call up any time of the day/night and still expect them to pick it up and yap and more often than not manage to do so successfully ;)
5.Some one who gives you company when you have the wildest ideas and want to go ahead implementing it
6.Some one to share your secrets with to ensure that you make many more together
7.Some one to dream together with so that you could remind the other one of the many dreams they still have to fulfill
8.Some one you can count on irrespective of how reckless/volatile/senile you may become temporarily
9.Some one who makes you grin no matter how serious the situation is
10.Some one who gives you your space while keeping an eye out for you
11.Some one you can remind that they are on a diet and gladly be of help to munch their chocolate/softy so that no food goes to waste ;)
12.Some one with whom you create memories to cherish and laugh and pull your mood up any time you feel low
13.Some one whom your mom hates more so ‘coz of the phone bill
14.Some one who reminds you of your phone number when you forget and anything else you might have forgotten
15.Some one who points out a very different view of the same issue
16.Some one you know you can talk to about anything and whether they really understand or not, they would store it in memory for future referencing.
17.Some one with whom you can laugh your head off thinking about the crazy things/conversations you have had together
18.Some one who is with you no matter what
19.Some one who reminds you that you need a break
20.Some one who boosts your ego

This is my list! Whats yours?

A rainy night!

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A rainy-night is so comforting… it touches your heart and memories flows!

I love these types of nights especially in the summer months when I can sit on my  bed and watch it all through my window.

I love it so much!!!!
The best sleep ever is during rainy nights. The sight and sound of the rain creates this kind of relaxing feeling in the air that just calms you down. The pitter – patter of raindrops is like a comforting lullaby.

It’s just kind of magical  and it adds  freshness in  the air that almost gives a person (like me!) that feeling like things are going to be ok and it’s a chance to forget your troubles and start over new.

Romance-wise if the rain is cold it gives you and your boyfriend a chance to snuggle a little more to keep warm!

There was a rainy night when my love was with me!

As I hear the thundering in the skies,
and each raindrop thud against the ground,
I lie in my bed tucked with open eyes,
Thinking about you and the love we once had.

Cold winds blow in and touch my face,
They whisper to me your name,
They make me yearn for your warm embrace,
which could help me forget all my pain.

I really wish you were with me tonight,
To do things we just love to do,
and so i hug my pillow so tight,
All the while thinking its you.

My heart it speaks to you words of love,
I hope that this you can clearly hear,
I feel your touch, i feel u move,
I know you’re somewhere near.

I need you so badly, on this cold rainy night,
to work your love magic on me,
to kiss me well, to hug me tight,
and to make me sleep on your chest tonight.

If someone now could grant me a wish,
I wouldn’t take a long time to think,
Hope my rhyme clarifies my wish.
I want you tonight this is all my wish.

To send this token of love to you,
I stare up at the rainy-night,
And whisper words from my heart so true,
I miss you baby, please come soon!!!

What does taking a break mean???


I love my boyfriend and he asked for us to take a break because he felt that the problems in his life plus some of my own situations was having an effect on our relationship and holding us back from being able to have the type of relationship we could have.So he had asked for time and space!

Well……to me, taking a break means taking a step back from a relationship that isn’t meeting one or both partner’s needs, and reviewing how the relationship fits into their life picture over the long term. Its about re-evaluating the relationship without the stress of the relationship itself. The problem with ‘taking a break’ is that few people actually define what it means for their relationship.

Does it mean one or both of you can see other people, or do you not want to muddy the waters with more? Can you contact each other like texting or calling! or do you really take a break from interacting on all levels? When does the break end, and how will either of you know it? What outcomes are one or both of you hoping for from taking a break, and do both parties know it?

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