I was just thinking about this today! I have experience in my family where religious differences has caused a strain in their relationships.

It is difficult when a person in the relationship thinks that their religion is the right one. This seems like the most important issue to be cleared up. If both people in the relationship are understanding and totally accepting and respecting each-others religious views, then the relationship can work. However, if there is an underlying sentiment of one person that his/her religious views are better or more correct, then it will cause problems. It is not a negative thing to think that your religion is the right one,that is why you believe in it!

My BF has been raised as a Christian by going to a church on Sundays and praying in the name of Jesus and I have been raised in a Hindu family doing rituals under Hinduism.Well we have different beliefs regarding religion and spirituality, but those do not get in  the way of our Love and the special relationship we share and it’s not going to stop us from having wonderful kids in future. We believe our kids will grow up with multiple perspectives(both mine and his religious beliefs) and will learn to form their own opinions. This is so because  we agree with each-others beliefs and different views on things and respect it which I think, is actually a good thing as  it makes the relationship more interesting and  makes you feel there is always something new to learn and stuffs like that!

So difference of religion can negatively affect some relationships, but it’s not always the case! For some people, it is very important that the other person share their same religion. They usually believe that their religion is what their life is based on and usually seem to want to raise any future children in that faith. That’s fine for them. On the other hand for other people, though, it is less important that religious beliefs perfectly align. Actually, there are a lot of big things that I think can be different about people that may cause a strain on their relationships and should be hashed out with your family and GF/BF before you say, “I do”!!!