Okay so…its 21 of september ’12 and I”m one year closer to death today!

Birthday’s are.. well a day to celebrate,the day you were born, the day you got life.But for me they are just another day in the year, i always used to think my birthday was my special day ‘just for me’, because I never met anyone with the same birthday as me (let me know if your birthday is today as well,it would be nice to meet someone with the same birthday) anyways i feel disappointed, let down, angry, sad, depressed, and a bit happy at the same time. so what good is this day? all I’m trying to say is, i miss having a great birthday,I remember my mother always making some effort to make my birthday party special.  For instance, a huge party with all my friends and well-wishers,lots of gifts and delicious food..but what stands out for me is the fact that my mother made me a barbie cake – you know the kind where the barbie is standing in the cake and the cake is her skirt?(for the records that was my12th birthday!!!)But now i don’t feel anything special on my birthday.i guess my life hasn’t been that great for the past couple of years and i just think that my birthday is just a regular day,nothing special or different about it!

so tell me friends are your birthday’s special to you by any means or you feel the same way as i do. Share me with your wonderful or pathetic birthday experiences!